888 Casinos High Paying Video Poker Pay Tables

Video PokerHave such a diverse range of different casino games that you can play when logged into the 888 UK Casino site, you may have to spend a few minutes taking them all in, and then working out just which ones are going to be worthy of your play time and your real money gaming action!

However, as you are going to be looking for casino games that will always give you the maximum winning opportunities then we would like to steer you towards playing the range of Video Poker games at this leading and top rated casino site.

We do know that UK online casino game players in particular and not always familiar with Video Poker games and tend to give them a very wide berth when they see them being offered at any site they are logged into. However, you really do need to make yourself aware of just how great playing and high paying games they can be for when you do you will always be itching to give them some play time!

A Video Poker game of which there are many on offer at the UK 888 Casino site is going to offer you much higher long term expected payout percentages that most slot machines, and as such keep on reading for we will enlighten you on how these games play and pay and in no time at all you will understand fully how to play them online.

When you first come across a Video Poker game at 888 Casino and launch it then you need to select one of the many different coin values the game has on offer, and with that in mind maybe you should start off by playing them for low stake settings whilst you get used to the way they work.

Once you have selected a coin value setting you then have to decide just how many coins to wager on each game, you should always play the maximum number of coins available which is usually five coins as by doing so the jackpot payout on most Video poker games when playing 5 coins per hand dealt out to you is enhanced in value.

Once you have select the coin values and have put 5 coins into play then simply click on the deal button the game will then deal out five playing cards to you, the aim is for you to then judge which of those five cards to hold in place for the next stage of the game and you do that by clicking on the cards you want to hold, by clicking on the deal button a second time new cards will be dealt out to replace the ones you didn’t hold in place.

If after that second deal you have one of the winning combinations listed on the games pay table you will that amount of coins instantly! One tip of playing Video poker games at 888 Casino is to turn on the auto hold option from the game settings as that will then hold the best cards for you on the initial hand!